Let liquorice on everyone’s lips

VFrom the local newspaper to the specialist magazine: Lasse Lakrits brings the press and media to the taste. Understandably difficult to resist.

deli | Edition 3 2018

We inhaled the 600 gram pack collectively and in record time. The liquorice is available in apple, lemon, strawberry and orange varieties – and each tastes really different.
“Fruit” liquorice mix from Lasse Lakrits.

essen & trinken | Edition 6 2018

Do you like liquorice? Then we would like to recommend this liquorice powder to you. What can you do with it? For example, sprinkle over chocolate mousse or chocolate icing. Use it more discreetly, it is really very intense.

NRWselect | Edition 11 2017

LASSE LAKRITS Sweet, salty, hot or simply pure. The flavors of Lasse Lakrits from Pulheim offer culinary variety for liquorice and candy lovers. Natural variations of ammonia paired with raspberry, lemon, strawberry, apple or orange are produced without artificial flavor enhancers or colorings.

Kölner Stadtanzeiger | 25.10.2016

At Lars Frerk Braun’s stand, also called Lasse Lakrits, there is everything a licorice heart desires. Colorful licorice sticks in the varieties raspberry, mint, chocolate, orange [note: now orange], strawberry, sour watermelon and strawberry banana are available for 1.50 euros each (10 for 10 euros). If you don’t just want liquorice, there is licorice chocolate or licorice salt. If you want to give a sweet tooth, you get a licorice gift glass for 15 euros [note: now 9, – or 12, – euros].

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