Liquorice Day

Liquorice Day

every year on April 12th

The American licorice dealer Licorice International from Lincoln in Nebraska (USA) held the first National Licorice Day a few years ago. The original reason for this was that income tax is due on April 15 in the United States. This rather unpleasant appointment should be sweetened by people.
Interested newspapers took up this. Today April 12th is celebrated throughout the United States as a National Licorice Day.
The idea of ​​the liquorice day spilled over to Germany via licorice fan and blogger Christian Kaufmann ( With the help and support of its partners and sponsors, Germany is celebrating this special day on April 12th.
With sweepstakes, tastings, discounts and many other exciting events related to liquorice, Germany’s liquorice fans celebrate in with. We too will be involved with our delicious products.
At you can get all the important information and events. Spreading the word means supporting!

We have been supporting the German Liquorice Day with various campaigns since 2014.

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