Licorice knowledge

Licorice knowledge

about the versatility and history of licorice

Clearly, spirits differ on liquorice! Some people turn their noses in disapproval, but it can never be enough for those who love it! In all kinds of shapes and colors, whether sweet or salty, the black delicacy has fans all over the world.
To refresh your licorice knowledge: The main ingredient is an extract that is obtained from the roots of licorice. Thickened and after adding usually sugar syrup, flour and gelling agent as well as a few flavors, the sweetness we know arises.
For the first time, it is said to have been sold by the British pharmacist George Dunhill in 1760. Until then, the use of licorice root was primarily of a medical nature. It is still valued in some medicine cabinets today, as the current state of knowledge confirms the calming effect on the throat and stomach.
Popular especially in Scandinavia and the Netherlands, the tart sweetness is increasingly becoming a real delicacy. Whether as a liqueur or even as a powder that can be used for cooking and baking, licorice is as versatile and unique as its fan base!

The ancient Egyptians already knew about the health-promoting effects of licorice root. They used it for throat and stomach problems. The king Tutenchamun even let himself be buried with some stalks of the root.

The term “rasping licorice” came from the recommendation to chew the licorice root on a rough neck to make the voice smooth and flattering again.

The Dutch have the world’s highest licorice consumption at a whopping 2 kilos per person. This corresponds to a total of approximately 33,958 tons.

Licorice can help against acne-related testosterone because it reduces the release of the hormone.

Glycyrrhizin, a basic ingredient and flavoring of licorice. It is also used in medicine and cosmetics because it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

There is a butcher in Berlin who loves liquorice so much that he has created a liquorice currywurst.


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